Thursday, December 10, 2015

What is an insulin pump?

Insulin Pump

Insulin pumps make life easy for people who take regular insulin injections. It 
will eliminate the pain felt while taking these injections.

The insulin pump is small and can be strapped onto your body (thighs, stomach). The insulin pump releases insulin as and when needed by the body, thereby helping to control blood sugar levels effectively.

A great advantage of insulin pumps is that they eliminate the need to inject insulin at regular intervals. Another advantage is that when you travel you need not carry the insulin vials and syringes. 

When you are eating out at a restaurant you need not worry about remembering to take the insulin injection just before you eat.

Another advantage of the insulin pump is that it allows for the modification of the amount of insulin to be released into the blood stream depending on your food intake.

The insulin unit has a main pump that holds the insulin reservoir and this reservoir has a thin tubing attached to it. A needle or a cannula is fixed at one end of the tubing.

The pump is inserted just beneath the skin. The insulin pump releases insulin into the fat layers that are present just beneath the skin. This insulin enters the blood stream and helps to control sugar.

A doctor is the best person to decide whether you need an insulin pump or not. Get to know how to use the insulin pump and understand how it works before you start using one to avoid any complications.

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